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The London Sports Council undertakes various activities on behalf of the City of London and the London Sports community. Our main activities include:

  • Kidsport London is a registered charity that provides grants to economically disadvantaged families to participate in sports. We are a chapter of Kidsport Ontario
  • The London Sports Hall of Fame recognizes the contribution of London athletes
  • Accessible Sports attempts to increase the participation of disabled athletes in sporting activities
  • We partner with the City of London to recognize sports volunteers


Annual Golf Tournament


Golf brochure 2015


Each year, a golf tournament is held in support of Kidsport. This event will be hosted June 10, 2015 at the Oaks Golf and Country Club. Registration is only $175.


Volunteer Recognition

The City of London would like to recognize the outstanding volunteers from within our sporting community and would like your help in submitting nominations.  Sport and recreation depend on volunteers and without them amateur sport would not exist. Volunteers carry out virtually every key function in amateur sport including coaching, administration, officiating, event organization, and execution. More importantly they have a key role to play in creating a safe environment for kids in sports.

This year, the City of London is hosting an inaugural Volunteer Recognition Event on Thursday, April 23, 2015 at 6 PM to recognize each of the amazing volunteers, and we would like your help to acknowledge who they are.

Individuals are eligible to be nominated if they volunteer within the City of London boundary. Volunteers must work with sporting clubs, school teams and various boards and non-profit organizations within the City of London.