Mandate & Mission

The London Sports Council undertakes various activities on behalf of the City of London and the London Sports community. Our main activities include:

  • KidSport London is a registered charity that provides grants to economically disadvantaged families to participate in sports. We are a chapter of Kidsport Ontario.
  • The London Sports Hall of Fame recognizes the contribution of London athletes.
  • Accessible Sports attempts to increase the participation of disabled athletes in sporting activities.
  • We partner with the City of London to recognize sports volunteers.

The London Sports Council’s mandate is “Sport for All” through our mission statement which is the following:

  • Promoting the availability and benefits of sport and recreation.
  • Developing opportunities for networking, mentoring and leadership development in the sport and recreation community.
  • Providing leadership and a voice for collective sports and recreation initiatives.
  • Celebrating sport achievements and the value of volunteers.

The London Sports Council believes…

  • The skill development, socialization, fitness and life experience benefits of community sport and recreation participation contribute significantly to each person’ positive growth and development in reaching their individual potential.
  • In the equality of access to and availability of sport and recreation for all Londoners
  • In the value of volunteerism as the primary means for the delivery of sports opportunities that benefit both the community and participants, as well as the positive experiences each volunteer realizes relative to their own personal growth and development.
  • In working for the common good of sport and recreation for all within an environment of trust, integrity and respect.
  • In continually and actively working to meet the evolving needs of Londoners for sport and recreation opportunities and experiences.
  • In actively developing partnerships throughout the community that contribute to the betterment of sport and recreation and these opportunities in London.